The Man behind the


A film by Dalano Barnes

Cannes World Film Festival

Winner: Best First Time Filmmaker (short film)
Nominated: Best Artificial Intelligence Film
Poster for Man behind the machine

Artificial Intelligence has progressed to its next step in evolution, named "Artificial Life" or "AL", created by a corporation called "Turing". X33, an AL that has spent its entirety under the ownership of Martin Bradshaw, is suddenly confiscated by a Turing employee for an apparent maintenance check. After being taken to a Turing facility X33 meets another AL, forcing X33 to question everything it knows.

This is Dalano Barnes' debut short film, responsible for producing, writing, directing and editing of the film. The budget for this film was entirely raised through Kickstarter, and saw an independent cinema release that sold over 110 tickets across 3 screenings.

Directed by
Dalano Barnes
Kamran Vahabi
Robert Firth
Lydia Helen
William Bassoumba
Soundtrack by
Nathan Meneghini